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In Tiny Wings you control a cute little bird and your objective is to learn how to fly, but it’s hard because your wings are so tiny!

In the start of each new game, your bird awakes from it’s nest and starts sprinting up and down mountains, hopping and leaping high to start getting momentum and acceleration.

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Tiny Wings is extremely addicting, and simple but very challenging. All you need to do, is fly as far as you can before the day ends and the night begins! Sounds easy? Give it a try!

Tiny Wings Game is fun & addictive! Join our site and be a part of our community!!!

Tiny Wings Game is designed with a real life physics engine. You must be precised and accurate in order to become good at Tiny Wings. Landing inappropriately on surfaces will cause your bird to slow down and miss the acceleration bonus, you must “Hit the sweet spot” as they say. Tiny Wings in extremely addictive and is challenging as it requires total focus and great hand-eye coordination.

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So.. you think you can reach the 9th island yet? I dare you to try!

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